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Installing Aeroseal in your home is quick, easy, and safe. All American Heating is a Certified Aeroseal Dealer, and we're happy to help you make your home the best it can be for your family with cleaner air, increased comfort, and greater system efficiency for energy cost savings.

Making Home
a Safe Haven

Here’s how it works.

Our simple Aeroseal® installation process closes leaks in your home’s air duct system in just a few hours. Here are some details on how Aeroseal works.

First, our All American Heating technician will connect the Aeroseal machine to one of your home’s primary air ducts. Then, we’ll run a test to identify leaks and create a “before” report that shows how much air is escaping. We’ll go over the report with you in detail, and make sure you understand how Aeroseal works. Finally, we’ll spray in the sealant.

Our non-toxic, water-based sealant formula will find and fill all the holes and cracks in your air ducts and vents. This ensures your conditioned air goes where you need it – and not where you don’t.

You’ll be able to watch the process first-hand, seeing the results in real time on the system monitor as the sealing process happens. When we’re finished, we’ll even give you a Certificate of Completion, including an “after” report, that shows the difference in lost air.

The Aeroseal Story:
Bringing Indoor Air Quality Home

Tech runs Aeroseal machine

In 1993, Dr. Mark Modera set out to tackle a known problem in the construction industry that was commonly accepted as unfixable: that most of the homes in which we live have ductwork that leaks air like a cheap pool float.

In other words? A lot.

Modera took the problem home to his garage in California, where he invented a breakthrough, aerosol-based sealing technology.
For the first time ever, it was possible to seal leaks and holes in air ducts from the inside. Until then, the only way to seal ductwork was messy, labor-intensive, and not an option for most homeowners.

Modera’s invention was game-changing. It was even named to the US Department of Energy‘s prestigious Energy Top 100.

Through a partnership with heating and air industry leader Amit Gupta, Aeroseal was successfully launched, making Modera’s technology available to homeowners all over the country.

Since Day One, Aeroseal’s mission remains unchanged:

To deliver comfort, healthy air, and substantial energy savings to homeowners everywhere.

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