Professional Plumbing Solutions in Colorado

All American Heating is At Your Service with concierge heating and plumbing work designed to meet your needs - so you can soak in peace of mind.

Soak in peace
of mind.

All American Heating has your back when you need plumbing services. Whether you’re replacing something old, building something new, need something checked out, or have a real emergency, we’ll be there. And, we’ll handle it with the kind of quality workmanship and customer service you’ve come to expect. Trust us to take care of whatever it is. We’ll leave you with the peace of knowing that things are under control, quality-checked, and guaranteed.

Pipes freeze. They will eventually thaw when you're not there. Call All American Heating and stop it before it happens.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Call us at (970) 335-8701 any time, any day for help with plumbing services emergencies between November and April – prime plumbing emergency time. We’ll get someone out ASAP to help get things under control, and we’ll provide unparalleled professionalism, workmanship, and customer service.

Hydronic Heating Systems

All American Heating installs, maintains, and repairs boiler systems designed for the finest in quality. Call us today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained, hydronic heating specialists. We’ll work with you to determine the best solution for you, your home, and your family.

Plumbing tech works on a boiler
Plumbing technician adjusts a hot water tank
Plumbing technician adjusts a hot water tank

Water Heaters

Hot water is not a luxury – it’s a necessity. And being sure you have enough for your entire family is a priority. But before you replace it, call us. We specialize in solving problems the other guys can’t. All American Heating is a Rheem® Pro Partner and is proud to offer a full line of energy-efficient Rheem Water Heaters. Book NOW for consultation, repair, or emergency service.

For warranty assistance with Rheem Water Heaters, please call the Rheem Water Heater helpline at: 866-279-4566

Automatic Water Shutoff Systems

If you own a home in the mountains, you know sudden temperature drops can mean burst pipes and water damage that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore. All American Heating can install an automatic water shutoff system that can prevent these floods by sensing leaks and turning off the water if you’re not there. You’ll get a text or email notification about what’s happening and can control what happens next on a computer or smartphone, from anywhere, at any time.

Flooded kitchen and water damage
With a water filtration system from All American Heating, your family can bask in goodness - and take it in. Keep ALL your water clean and give your family the best.

Water Filtration Systems

All American Heating proudly installs Halo 5 Maintenance Free Whole House Water Filtration Systems. Halo 5 offers five stages of water treatment, resulting in clean, fresh water for you and your family – in whatever variety of ways you use your water. Whether showering, swimming, cooking, cleaning, or bathing, freshly-treated water is healthier, cleaner, and all-around better. Clean air and water make a whole house a safer and healthier place. Call us today at (970) 335-8701 to get treated water in your home.

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