Energy Check-ups for an Energy-Efficient Home

Having your home's energy efficiency checked can answer a lot of questions. You might be losing hot or cold air in places you didn't expect, or  be running older systems that use excessive amounts of energy. A Home Energy Check-up from All American Heating can help determine what your home needs to save energy - and what it doesn't.

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It’s more important than ever to be aware of the energy we use on a daily basis – across all areas of our lives. This ranges from how we fuel our bodies and our cars to what products we use and how we heat and light our homes. It’s critical to be careful about what we use, how much we use, and how we dispose of containers, chemicals, and other waste. So, you know it’s necessary to live leaner, cleaner, and greener. But how you can be sure your home is set up to run as efficiently and effectively as possible?

That’s where we come in.

All American Heating offers Home Energy Check-Ups to assess your home’s energy use and safety – and conservation. We’ll review all the systems in your house to help you use less and make yours an energy-efficient home.

During our whole-house inspection, technicians first examine your home’s exterior, windows and doors, and insulation levels throughout the house. To do this, we use infrared cameras combined with a blower door test to identify air leaks and places where insulation is missing or ineffective. We also determine how much air your home loses on an hourly basis. Using thermal imaging cameras lets us identify the exact places in your home where adding or upgrading insulation, or reducing or changing the airflow will make the most difference – and save the most energy and money.

Infrared camera image of house showing energy leaks
Technician examines furnace for efficiency

Next, we look at the age, efficiency, and general condition of your mechanical systems. We’ll also perform carbon monoxide testing to ensure that your home and family are as safe as possible.

Finally, we’ll give you a complete Home Energy Conservation Plan designed to reduce the amount of fuel your home uses every year and to help give you peak system performance. This plan offers suggestions for things to do like shoring up your exterior entry points, adding attic or other types of insulation, tuning up your furnace or boiler, or even installing an energy-efficient furnace or high-efficiency boiler. We might also suggest installing Aeroseal duct sealing, updating your water heater, or implementing other solutions, such as safety features like carbon monoxide detectors.

Taking our recommendations will help protect your home and loved ones from both visible and unseen dangers. It will also help ensure the airflow in and your home systems are as energy-efficient, clean, and green as they can be.

Regular Home Energy Check-Ups will keep your home and family on the right track, and living your best lives – now, and in the future. Call to schedule yours today.

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