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All American Heating can help you clean up the air in your home with one of many products designed to provide cleaner air for you and your family.

Live clean, green,
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The world today is definitely a lot to take in, and a lot to process. Between COVID-19 and wildfires caused by climate change, indoor air quality (IAQ) is now a primary concern. That’s where we come in. With a little help from All American Heating, your home can be the safe haven it’s meant to be – and you can breathe easy there. All American Heating offers indoor air quality products to meet most any need. We’ll provide a complete Home Air Quality Plan specific to your home, with a full menu of services designed to help your family breathe easier, such as: 

You want your home to be a healthy environment for your family.

The quality of your indoor air plays a large role in making your home the safe, healthy, and clean haven that it should be. Trust All American Heating’s expert air duct and dryer vent cleaning and sanitizing services to:

Cleaning Air Ducts
  • Remove harmful bacteria, dust particles, dust mites, pet dander, skin dander, pollen, and other airborne contaminants from ALL of your air ducts, including cold air returns.
  • Help reduce respiratory symptoms of asthma, allergies, headaches, and other conditions.
  • Improve the performance and efficiency of your home’s HVAC systems, extending their life, and helping reduce your energy costs.
  • Reduce the risk of fire in your dryer vent from a buildup of lint and dust, and increase your dryer’s efficiency by thoroughly cleaning out dryer vents.
  • Provide overall cleaner, healthier, better quality indoor air so your whole family can breathe easier.

Duct sealing and sanitizing is also an excellent starting point for Aeroseal Duct Sealing!

Young HVAC worker cleans out a dryer lint trap as part of a duct cleaning job

All American Heating is proud to supply and install genuine Air Sponge air filters during installations.

Air Sponge patented air filter technology is engineered to eliminate the many problems found in ordinary air filters. Air Sponge offers a perfectly sized, permanent frame, into which your choice of advanced air filtration medium is inserted. This unique customizability and permanent frame put this air cleaning system in a class by itself.

In fact, Air Sponge HealthSmart furnace filters are up to 600% more effective in capturing harmful fine particles than washable, electrostatic air filters. Air Sponge invites you to join more than 250,000 satisfied users, and experience the comfort, and security that this incredible air filter provides.

Air Sponge filter media refills can be ordered online via the Filter Factory.

Air Sponge HealthSmart Filter

2020-21 brought their own special set of challenges for maintaining a safe, healthy, home environment. Smoke from wildfires can cause irritation and inflammation in your lungs, affect your immune system, and make you more prone to lung infections, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19

One of the best ways to combat this is to create better filtration in your home without using outside air. You can do this by using a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HVR) or Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). Don’t have one?

Heat recovery system for ventilating and deaerating houses

That’s where we come in.

All American Heating installs Broan® Sky Series Energy Recovery Ventilators. The Sky Series is designed to provide a continuous supply of fresh air to the home while exhausting stale air and pollutants. It also helps manage excess moisture – making it particularly effective for energy-efficient homes.

All American Heating partners with Honeywell to provide ultraviolet air treatment products that kill airborne and surface microorganisms like mold and bacteria. Honeywell Air Treatment Systems produce UV-C energy to emit short-wave ultraviolet light that is proven effective in hospitals, pharmacies, and kitchens – and are now available for your home.

The benefits of UV germicidal light fixtures can help provide the cleanest and healthiest air possible for your home and family.

  • Return air duct models mounted in your home HVAC system’s ductwork kill most germs before they recirculate. Ultraviolet air treatment systems continuously emit UV energy to kill a high percentage of airborne bacteria as it passes by the light.* Unlike most UV products, Honeywell’s UV lights do not produce ozone.
  • Coil irradiation models, mounted above the central cooling coils on home A/C systems, bathes the coils in UV energy continuously, which stops mold from growing.1,2
  • Honeywell’s unique design features a lamp drive system for maximum performance. In addition, they are specially designed for safety and prevent the lamp from lighting unless it’s properly mounted to the duct. Finally, a light pipe provides a window to safely view the bulb operation.

HoneywellHome logo white
UV-C Tube Ultraviolet destroy viruses

*Test by independent lab was conducted on one sample. Bacteria were injected into a test duct and surviving bacteria were counted.
1Test performed in a test duct showed a 3-log (99.9%) reduction in colony-forming Aspergillus Niger mold spores when surface was irradiated at a distance of 18 inches for 3 hours in still air, using new bulbs.
2Test performed showed an 87% single pass kill rate of Serratia Marescens bacteria in a clean metal 12 inches x 25 inches duct at an airflow rate of 2000 cfm using new bulbs.

Whole House Humidifier

While air cleaners and ventilation keep indoor air clean, proper humidification is needed to control, minimize and eliminate unhealthy airborne pollutants. Controlling indoor relative humidity (RH) is important because having too much or too little humidity in the home can pose risks to the well-being of individuals in the home, and potentially cause costly damages to the home itself. Today’s whole-house humidifiers and humidity controls work to maintain RH levels within these ranges.

All American Heating works exclusively with Aprilaire products to provide the best in quality whole-house humidifiers to our customers. These systems are connected directly to your furnace and provide:

  • Increased Wellness: Maintaining proper humidity levels in the home improves overall comfort and wellness by reducing dry air, which leads to dry, flaky skin, and fosters the growth of bacteria and viruses. Aprilaire Whole-House Humidifiers help homeowners maintain humidity at ideal levels, as defined by the American Lung Association.
  • Lower Heating Bills Properly humidified air feels warmer than dry air. For example, a 69°F temperature at 35% relative humidity can feel as warm as a 72°F setting at 19% relative humidity. Setting a thermostat three degrees lower can reduce heating costs by as much as 5%.
  • Asset Protection The right humidification levels in the home preserve woodwork and artwork, prevent wood from cracking, and even help musical instruments stay in tune.
  • Fewer Static Shocks Static electricity shocks that occur most commonly in the winter when air is dry can be reduced with the right humidification.

Did you know nearly every home has leaky HVAC ductwork?

It’s true. And even a small leak can mean big problems for homeowners, such as:

  • Dirty Air: Duct leaks let dirt, pollen, and other contaminants into your home. If you have a lot of dust, this could be why.
  • Uneven Temperatures: Leaky ducts make your HVAC system work harder to deliver air throughout your home. This results in uncomfortable, uneven temperatures year-round. It makes your system run longer and harder, wearing out your equipment faster.
  • High Utility Bills: Leaky ducts waste energy and that is something you see every month in your utility bill.

All American Heating is proud to offer technology that can eliminate leaky ducts – even the ones behind your walls and in your crawlspace and attic.

Introducing Aeroseal Duct Sealing from the inside. Learn more about Aeroseal or call us for more information.

Aeroseal tech blocks vents to prep for Aeroseal installation. Aeroseal can help improve the quality of indoor air in your home.

Book an Aeroseal Duct Seal
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