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At All American Heating, teamwork is key. We consider ourselves a family and treat one another accordingly. We take pride in hiring – and keeping – the best HVAC and plumbing technicians and office staff around. Our management goes to great lengths to treat our employees well, paying more than competitive wages, and providing excellent benefits. This increases our pool of candidates and lets us be selective about hiring. In addition to meeting the technical requirements, we choose team members who are “All American People” – folks who fit in with our values and business principles, and who believe in doing their best on every job and treating our customers with courtesy and respect. This also helps us build a team that works together and plays together very well, making work a great place to be.

So, meet the All American Team – always here and ready to serve you with great quality work at a fair price, all done with a smile.

Leadership Team

Mark Harrill
Mark Harril
Tim Greenlaw
Tim Greenlaw

Tim Greenlaw is our General Manager – but we call him “The Mad Scientist,” because rarely does he come across a system he can’t find a way to fix. With more than 21 years of experience, Tim has remained dedicated to the heating and plumbing industries throughout his career. To that end, he has achieved more than 1500 hours (!!!) on continuing education over the last decade and has too many certifications to list. Tim looks to his father for inspiration and as his role model and does his best to live up to the example his dad set. Tim describes himself as “very outdoorsy” and enjoys hiking, hunting, and numerous other outdoor activities. An environmentalist, Tim enjoys applying his philosophy of conservation to his work, helping his customers live more comfortable and greener lives in their homes by installing more energy-efficient systems, and often gives the advice, “Do it once, and do it right!” We agree, Tim!

HVAC and Plumbing Technicians

Master Plumber Dave Pike
Dave Pike

Master Plumber Dave Pike is an institution at All American Heating. Born a Hoosier, Dave now resides in sunny Florida in the winter and returns to the mountains in the summer. Dave doesn’t try to emulate any personal hero but holds himself accountable for always delivering his best work. In fact, Dave says his favorite part of working at All American Heating is solving problems on tough jobs. An interesting fact about Dave is that he would ALWAYS rather be fishing than doing anything else. Finally, he offers this advice to his customers: “Don’t touch it if you don’t know what you are doing!” Leave it to the pros, guys – that’s why we’re here!

Howard Haberkorn
Howard Haberkorn

Howard Haberkorn serves as the Construction Manager for All American Heating and oversees all work on new construction projects. Originally from Chicago, Howard is a longtime resident of Fairplay. He has embraced the mindset of a native Coloradan and understands well the people we serve. Howard has been in the HVAC industry for more than 10 years and has a cumulative total of 45 years of experience in construction – in other words, he knows his stuff. In addition, Howard holds HVAC and Contractor STP certifications. He tells us his favorite part of his job is the company he works for (thank you, Howard!) An interesting fact about Howard is that even with all his experience, he is still very willing and eager to learn. Howard says he doesn’t really have a role model, but rather holds himself accountable for doing his very best, every day. Finally, Howard’s advice to customers is to listen to your salesman or product rep; they have the knowledge to provide the exact product you need.

Igor Negin, Project Manager
Igor Negin

Igor Negin comes to Colorado from Ukraine and works as a Project Manager at All American Heating. Igor holds multiple degrees and is certified with both NATE and the Project Management Institute. His background is in Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Telecommunications – an industry in which he managed large-scale projects. Igor enjoys working within project dependencies and constraints and managing customers’ expectations to ensure a positive experience. He enjoys communicating with people and building strong teams. Igor is a student of life and learns daily from the variety of people he meets on the job. Outside of work, Igor has enjoyed practicing yoga for the past 10 years and is also a sailor and a fisherman. His advice to customers is this: “All American has a great team of technicians, and we use high standards to provide the best service and build relationships with our clients that last for many years.”

Mike Lykins
Mike Lykins

Mike Lykins (AKA “Mikey” around here!) is a Service Technician with All American Heating. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Mike brings 10 years of experience in the plumbing and HVAC industry to the company. His extensive certifications include Confined Spaces (you win the crawl spaces, Mikey!), OSHA 10, Journeyman, Residential Plumbing, Trench and Shoring. Mike’s favorite part of his job is meeting and learning about his customers, and the experiences he has while in the field. Mike considers his father-in-law to be his role model and works hard to live up to the example he sets. There’s not a lot about Mikey that’s NOT interesting, but we’ll start with the fact that he can say the ABCs backwards! Mike’s advice to his customers is to always maintain your equipment as it if were a luxury car.

Ryan McMichael Service Technician
Ryan McMichael

Ryan McMichael hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan, but now calls Colorado home. He comes to All American Heating as a graduate of the Leonardi Tech School and with NATE and EPA Universal Certifications including Core, Gas, Heating, and Cooling Installation and Service. Ryan cites First Sergeant Hercules Lobo, under whom he served in the U.S. Army Infantry, as his personal hero. An “interesting” fact about Ryan is that he is left-handed. His favorite part of his work with All American Heating is helping people – and his advice to his customers is, “Always call a professional! Don’t try to do it by yourself!” Absolutely, Ryan!

Gage Pike
Gage Pike

Service Technician Gage Pike originally hails from the midwestern town of Morristown, Indiana. After completing his high school equivalency, Gage studied and became a certified carpenter. Gage’s favorite part of this job is that no two days are the same and that he gets to work on something new every day. Gage’s role model and mentor is his dad, and Gage has learned a great deal from him – especially in this business. An interesting fact about Gage is that he likes to “go fast on anything with wheels.” (Yeah, that sounds about right.) Gage advises his customers to keep up with their HVAC system maintenance to avoid issues.

Juan Galaviz brings more than 20 years of experience as an HVAC Tech/Installer to All American Heating. A resident of Leadville, Colorado, Juan says helping his fellow area residents as he goes about his day is his favorite part of the job. In his spare time, Juan loves working on classic trucks and restoring them to former glory – much as he does with HVAC systems. As far as advice for his customers, Juan says, “Do it RIGHT!”

Jeff Phillips
Jeff Phillips

Jeff Phillips is a Service Technician Helper with All American Heating. Jeff grew up in Denver and put in a year at Metro State University before switching gears and pursuing an HVAC and plumbing career. He’s spent seven years in HVAC and 14 years in plumbing, and his favorite aspect of the job is performing quality work for his customers. (We like that about him, too.) Jeff considers his mother to be his role model and tries to live up to the values she has taught him. In his spare time, he enjoys competing in endurance and obstacle races. In the way of advice to his customers, Jeff tells everyone that, “Wifi thermostats are the way to go!”

Cory Ziehr
Cory Ziehr

Service Tech Helper Cory Ziehr comes to Colorado by way of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Serving as our primary Aeroseal installer, Cory has spent three years focused on this specialty. He holds a general certification in equipment services from the EPA. As one of our newest team members, Cory’s favorite part of the job is learning new things every day. Growing up, Cory looked to his grandfather for inspiration and still seeks to emulate him every day. An interesting fact about Cory is that he is missing his first rib on the right side. (You’ll have to ask him how that came to be because we haven’t heard the story yet.) Cory’s favorite advice to offer customers is: “A heating system is like a stool. It needs all the legs, or it will collapse.” He is not wrong.

Customer Service Team

As Office Manager, Tiffany keeps everything moving, answers phones, handles the bookkeeping, serves customers, and makes sure everyone has what they need, always.

Tiffany is the glue that makes All American Heating run. As our Office Manager, Tiffany keeps everything moving, answers phones, handles the bookkeeping, serves customers, and makes sure everyone has what they need, always. Tiffany hails from Mexico, Missouri, and recently, through the wonders of technology, returned there to be closer to family. Tiffany’s career experience ranges across several roles and industries, including working in a sawmill, waitressing, running a dental office, and landing with us at All American Heating (Yay!) Tiffany’s favorite part of her job is watching our team learn and grow – and grow, we do! In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys backpacking and other outdoor activities. She considers her Aunt Judy to be her role model, emulating Judy’s ability to stay positive, no matter what life throws at her.  Tiffany offers the following advice to All American customers: “Please listen to your technician’s recommendations. It will help preserve the life of your unit.”

Jae N - CSR

Jae is a Customer Service Rep, supporting All American Heating customers as well as our technicians in the field. Jae comes originally from Cocoa Beach but now calls Colorado home. She enjoys her job and makes the most of every day by working with the rest of the All American team to help customers and solve problems on their behalf. Her favorite part of the job is building solid and lasting relationships with all our customers and taking care of their HVAC and plumbing needs. An interesting fact about Jae is that she has kissed a sloth! (That sounds…interesting!) Her advice to our customers – and to everyone – is to stay positive and try to learn something new each and every day.

Kerry brings more than 25 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising, and marketing technologies to AAH. In addition to her bachelor’s in Business, she has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and a certification in Project Management from PMI. Kerry’s favorite part of her job is connecting with potential All American customers and hearing great things from current ones.

Director of Marketing Kerry Schneider grew up in Twinsburg, Ohio. This is also where she met our Fearless Leader, Mark Harrill. The two worked together at a medical supplies company located there. Fast forward five years and Kerry is still in Cleveland, but working remotely for Mark and All American Heating in Colorado. Kerry brings more than 25 years of experience in Marketing, Advertising, and marketing technologies to AAH. In addition to her bachelor’s in Business, she has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and a certification in Project Management from PMI. Kerry’s favorite part of her job is connecting with potential All American customers and hearing great things from current ones. Kerry also feels her role at All American allows her to capitalize on her strengths in marketing, writing, and technology. Kerry’s role models include Together Digital founder and former Congressional candidate Alaina Shearer, serial entrepreneur Tanisha Robinson of W*nder, and author Jen Lancaster – all strong women who made their dreams come true. Plus, her own mom, who Kerry considers simply amazing. Some interesting facts about Kerry are that she is an avid fan of all motorsports, an animal activist, and obsessed with the band Foo Fighters. Kerry’s advice to All American customers is, “Trust your techs. They know what they’re doing, and they will not steer you wrong.”

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