Aeroseal Installation: What to Expect

Illustration of airflow before Aeroseal installation

Let’s do this

Taking back control of your home’s energy efficiency, air quality, and comfort is as easy as 1-2-3.

There are three, simple phases to completing the Aeroseal® installation process, and it can be done in your home, in a matter of hours.

Here’s what will happen when All American Heating arrives for your installation.

Prep and Test

Illustration of the three steps in Phase I of Aeroseal installation

Prepare System/Block

Our technicians will begin the Aeroseal installation process by temporarily blocking all registers with foam plugs. This forces air in the ducts to escape only through existing leaks, showing where they are.

Then, the furnace, fan, and indoor air conditioning coil are also temporarily blocked with foam to prevent sealant from entering these parts of the system.

Connect System to Ductwork

Once the system is prepped, the Aeroseal machine is connected to the ductwork using flat-lay tubing.

Pretest Ductwork

Your All American Heating technician will take an initial test reading. This measures the exact amount of leakage in your duct system. Usually, leakage detected in a home is between 25% and 40%.

A small access hole (which will be closed upon project completion) is cut into one of the primary ducts, and a temporary collar is attached. One end of the tubing connects to this collar, while the other end connects to the Aeroseal machine.

Seal and Measure

Illustration of Aeroseal sealant moving through ductwork

Leaky Ducts Are Found

In Phase II of the Aeroseal installation process, the patented sealant is sprayed into the ductwork as a mist. Pressurization from the system helps the sealant find holes and cracks in the ducts.

Sealant Closes the Leaks

The Aeroseal particles collect at the edges of the holes and cracks in the ductwork, sticking and sealing them from the inside.

Illustration of computer monitoring Aeroseal installation

Monitor the Process

During sealing, your All American Heating technician watches the process closely and in real-time on a computer or tablet. The screen displays minute-by-minute progress, showing as air leakage numbers go down.

Enjoy Comfort and Savings

The effects of sealing are almost immediate: Aeroseal helps level temperatures in the home, reduce dust and allergens for cleaner air, and improves system efficiency for longer system life, and reduces energy costs.

Certificate of Completion

Congratulations! Your seal is complete!

When your installation is done, your All American technician will present you with your completion certificate. This certificate is generated by the Aeroseal system and shows before-and-after readings of the amount of air leaking from your duct systems. This is your verified proof that the Aeroseal duct seal is working.

You’ll also notice improved indoor air quality right away, with less dust, fewer allergens, and cleaner air.

The Results Are Instant

You’ll notice the difference in your home’s airflow immediately upon your project’s completion.

Temperatures throughout your home will even out, with no more hot or cold spots. Additionally, the entire system will run more efficiently, saving you money on utility bills

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