Keep Your Home Safe from Freeze flooding

Pipes freeze. They will eventually thaw when you're not there. Call All American Heating and stop it before it happens.

Stop it – before it starts.

An ounce of prevention is better than a week of cleanup.

We see it every year: homes destroyed by frozen, burst pipes and flooding. Thousands of dollars in damages.

The temperature drops in the winter – as it does – and your home heating system is not running because you’re gone. The pipes freeze. The water they contain expands as it freezes, breaking or bursting the pipes in one or more places. And when the temps go up in the Spring…all that frozen water in the pipes becomes a flood. Inside your home. And you’re not there to do anything about it.

This most commonly occurs if you travel frequently, only use your Colorado home for part of the year, or are often away for extended periods of time. When you get back, your first calls are to the insurance company and then restoration services.

But what if none of this HAD to happen?

Home flooding is common in the Spring, as frozen pipes in cold homes thaw and the water spills through breaks that occurred when the water froze and expanded. There are ways to stop this, and All American Heating has the answer

All American Heating has solutions designed to help stop a flood before it starts. We’ve designed three program levels to keep your home safe – or, safer, or safest – from flooding while you’re away.


ecobee Smart Thermostats provide a great first line of defense against home flooding from freezing, burst and thawing pipes.

The best first line of defense against flooding in your home is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats can be programmed to run your heating system at certain times of day, on a weekly schedule, or to kick on when the temperature falls below a specific level. They can also be programmed or adjusted remotely from a smart device such as your mobile phone or tablet.

All American Heating installs ecobee Smart Thermostats to keep your home safe and in controll of the temperature accessible from anywhere.

Get an ecobee Wifi Thermostat now

For just $599!

And $399 For Each Additional Unit.


Want to take things a step further?

We can add an automatic water shutoff system from Water Hero® or FloLogic® to your home’s flood defense program.

An automatic water shutoff system does exactly that – it detects leaks in your home’s plumbing system and shuts off your water lines to prevent flooding. Battery backups keep these systems running when the power is out. With this option, you’ll have both an ecobee smart thermostat AND a water shutoff system that can shut off your water if a leak does occur. This gives you two safeguards against flooding and water damage when you’re away.

Right now, get both at a special price from All American Heating!


Water Hero Water Shutoff System
and ecobee Wifi Thermostat

FloLogic Water Shutoff System and ecobee Wifi Thermostat


FloLogic system with iPhone interface. These systems can help protect your home from flooding when you're away.
Water Hero offers an easy to use interface available from any remote location with wifi service to help protect your home from flood damage.


The best way to prevent a freeze flood in your house is to not just double up, but triple-up! All American Heating is now offering a triple-protection package including:

– An ecobee Wifi Thermostat

– An automatic water system from Water Hero or FloLogic

– A Power Backup System to keep your heating system up and running!

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