This graphics shows the numerous problems that leaky ductwork can cause in your home. Aeroseal Duct Sealing from the Inside can help solve these. Here's how.

By now, you’ve likely seen one of our posts, ads, or emails about Aeroseal® DuctSealing from the Inside. But you might also question the need for Aeroseal or don’t understand exactly what it is or what it does or how it works.

And We Get It.

You probably almost never think about your ductwork, never mind consider whether it works properly, leaks, or needs cleaned or sealed. Air leaks in ductwork are something no one talks about, because why would they? This is clearly uncharted territory, and why should you even CARE?

So Why Start Now?

You see, Aeroseal is an amazing, breakthrough product that meets a commonly overlooked need in most homes that have forced air systems – air leakage in ductwork and building envelopes.

Home Ductwork in the Ceiling
Say What, Now?

You may be familiar with “duct sealing” using mastic or tape, done by hand. And, if you needed THAT done, surely your HVAC contractor would do it for you – and they could. But as we all know, even duct tape (literally Duck Tape for ductwork) gets old and nasty and can come off. Same with mastic. This means you still have leaks and then must go through the whole process again.

A Modern Solution
Aeroseal installer examines the ductwork

Aeroseal is certainly a new way of solving an old problem. For one thing, the installation is computer-controlled, which is a big change from the type of handwork you’re used to having contractors do. Not only that, but it fills leaks in your ductwork with an aerosol filler that is sprayed in, much like insulation. But it’s also much more permanent. Aeroseal is guaranteed to work for 10 years. But more than that, stress tests show it will last as long as 40 years.

Thermal Image of Home Exterior

As we all learn more about climate change and air quality (especially indoors), we can also learn about the harm that bad ductwork can do. Your HVAC system is much more than just your furnace – it’s every air duct that runs through your home, as well as the devices and mechanisms that control it. It also includes all the entrances and exits of your home, including windows – anywhere air could escape – which form the home’s thermal “envelope.” Any breaks in the envelope, which means gaps or leaks, means you’re losing air.

How So?

Essentially, when your HVAC contractor performs a maintenance service on your home’s system, they should be evaluating three things:

  1. Heating and cooling equipment, which creates conditioned air for the home.
  2. Air duct system, which distributes conditioned air to all your rooms/spaces.
  3. Home (thermal) envelope, which contains conditioned air within the home and doesn’t let it escape to the outside.
The New HVAC
HVAC Installer gets ready for a service call

HVAC is no longer just about making sure the furnace runs. We now focus on fixing common issues like hot/cold spots, dust/allergies, and high utility bills. However, those problems can persist even with brand-new equipment. So, it’s important to make sure the ductwork and building envelope are doing their jobs effectively to ensure you get what you pay for, in HVAC equipment AND monthly utility service.

That’s Where We Come In.

Aeroseal helps address these problems. Specifically, Aeroseal can help even out temperatures in your home, reduce dust and allergens within your home’s airflow, making the air you breathe cleaner, and reduces leaks by about 95%. So, you can go from losing 25-40% of the conditioned air in your home to losing almost none. This helps bring down high utility bills, and your home will be more comfortable and healthier, as well.

Now, what if we could actually show you how much money your ductwork costs you every year?

Aeroseal operator runs an install
Are You Ready?

Call All American Heating at 970-453-6640, or book online for your home indoor air quality audit, and we’ll show you how Aeroseal can help your home function at peak levels AND save you money.

Installation is simple, and if you buy an Aeroseal Duct Seal, you’ll get a free professional duct cleaning – a $1000 value.


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