A Thanksgiving Message from Mark

Mark Harrill, President of All American Heating, shares his thoughts on gratitude this Thanksgiving.

Mark Harrill

As 2021 closes, I sit at my desk on Thanksgiving and reflect on the year and what I am thankful for today. We are almost two years into the pandemic and I think in many ways it has helped me focus on what is important. As the owner of All American Heating, I know we wouldn’t exist without our team, the community, and our clients.

I have had many careers in the past 30 years and entrepreneurship has always been a driver for me. I had the pleasure of working for Cardinal Health for almost 5 years and learned under a truly fantastic leader, Kristin Gibbs She taught me you can be tough and also loving towards your team. She was one of the strongest leadership mentors I have had in my lifetime. I am so thankful that she adjusted to my style and encouraged me to be a maverick.

I am thankful for my entire team at All American Heating and think it is a great time to call everyone out for their efforts this year individually.

I am thankful for Lori, who has been with me since I purchased the business in early 2019. She has been right at our front door since the start and we can’t wait to see her back at the office towards the end of the year.

I am thankful for Tiffany, who is our office manager and keeps all the boys and girls in line. She actually works remotely, from a state in the middle of the country now, but we see her on Teams, and she is always a text or call away to help keep us on track.

I am thankful for Cory who came to us from the commercial world just before I bought the company. He has a great can-do attitude and is a positive influence on the group. He and I have been going to classes at the Leonardi HVAC Training Institute two nights a week for months, now, and he constantly puts in the effort to be better.

I am thankful for Renae, our Customer Service Lead. If you have called the office, you have likely talked to her. She proves daily that she truly cares about our customers and the other members of the team. She is the epitome of our drive to customer service perfection.

I am thankful for our general manager, Tim, who was my very first hire. His expertise around hydronic heating is second to none. He graduated from Leonardi HVAC Training Institute and leads our training efforts at the company. It’s great knowing that I have someone on the team that can diagnose and engineer solutions to just about any heating issue we encounter at high elevation.

I am thankful for Howard, our construction manager. He has been active in the Summit and Park County construction community for well over a decade. He is a true Chicagoan. His passion for doing things right ensures we do everything by the book and pass our inspections. I love knowing that I can hand him a task and it is done immediately.

I am thankful for Jenae, who is a valued customer service representative. She always arrives with a smile on her face and attacks her assignments with a positive attitude. I have enjoyed watching her come into her own and learn to be more assertive with our techs.

I am thankful for our part-time medical advisor, Jessica. She is an RN who manages our COVID-19 compliance program and develops programs to help our company stay healthier.

I am thankful for Mike, who is one of our plumbers and installers. He has grown so much as a person this year and became a dad last week. He works very hard for us and our clients and brings his construction knowledge to our installs. I am excited to see his transition to his new dad role as well.

I am thankful for Jeff, our jack of all trades. He works on installs, plumbing, and anything else we throw at him. He always has a smile on his face and never hesitates to jump in and do what needs to be done. He has become an invaluable member of our team and we are blessed to have him at All American Heating.

I am thankful for Gage, our plumber with a heart of gold. He has followed his father into the trade and isn’t afraid of the nastiness that comes with the job. His attitude inspires me because he gets after it no matter what is going on around him. I do have to say, I am a little bit jealous of his beard game.

I am thankful for our Marketing Director, Kerry. I worked with her during my Cardinal Health days and have always admired her tenacity. I needed someone that understood my thought process on marketing and business processes. She almost always knows what I want and sometimes even knows before I do.

I am thankful for Cory, who we call Q because having two Corys is so confusing. We brought him in because of his extensive experience with Aeroseal and Duct Cleaning. He has acted as a helper to our technicians and plumbers this year. It has truly been a pleasure to watch his growth this year.

Lastly, I am so thankful for our clients. You allow us to come into your homes to maintain your mechanical systems or help when you have broken pipes, no heat, or other household disasters. Your trust in us allows All American Heating to employ close to 20 people in Summit and Park Counties, and we take our duties to the community seriously. We strive to contribute to local and national charities and will continue to donate thousands annually to give back in thanks to our client base.

Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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