What You Should Know about Entran Hosing

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company designed, manufactured, and sold approximately 25 million feet of Entran II hose from 1989 until 1993. That hose was then distributed throughout the United States and Canada.

There are various types of installation for the Entran II hose. Most forms of installation are as follows:

Installation Type: Description:
In-slab“In-slab” is Entran II installed in foundational concrete for purposes of hydronic radiant heat. “In-slab” does not include Entran II hose installed in a “Thin-set” application.
Staple-up“Staple-up” is Entran II installed below flooring attached to sub-floor, floor joists, or other sub-floor structure with staples or similar fasteners for purposes of hydronic radiant heat. “Staple-up” does not include Entran II installed as “Exposed Staple-up.”
Exposed Staple-up“Exposed Staple-up” is Entran II hose installed using the “staple-up” method above on an unfinished ceiling, in a crawlspace or unfinished basement, or above an acoustic tile or “drop” ceiling.
Thin-set“Thin-set” is an Entran II hose installed in lightweight concrete, gypcrete, or similar materials for purposes of hydronic radiant heat.
Baseboard“Baseboard” is Entran II installed as a conduit between baseboard heating elements and the boiler or other heat source.
Snowmelt“Snowmelt” is Entran II installed for purposes of melting snow and/or ice.

Entran II can cause various types of property damage including leaks at connections, corrosion, damage to the boiler or other parts, elements or components of the heating system. It can also cause serious or catastrophic failures of the heating system including major water damage and/or in-line breaks causing property damage.

Entran II is reddish-orange in color and is usually stamped clearly on the outside with the word “Heatway” or “Heatway Systems” and a tradename such as Twintran, Nytrace, Entran II Trace, Entran II Wire, Entran 2, Entran 2 Trace, or Entran 2 Wire. The inside diameter of Entran II hose is about 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch and the outside diameter is 3/4 to 1 inch. Entran II manufactured by Goodyear has a date code printed on the hose and lists “Entran” in capital letters and lower-case letters. The Goodyear date code has both date numbers and a letter “A,” “B,” “C,” “D,” or “Z.” (Some Twintran counterflow hose manufactured by Goodyear in the year 1989 has a date code without the letter designation.)

Entran products manufactured by other companies such as Dayco, and Entran III or Entran 3, or Entran EPDM products manufactured by Goodyear, are not a part of this Amended Agreement.

Misc. Entran Hose
Examples of Entran II Hose with “Heatway Systems” stamp:
Example showing a furnace room with Entran II Hose connected to various manifolds:
Entran Connections
Entran Connections - 2
Example of Entran II Snowmelting installation:
Entran II Outdoor Snowmelt Installation - Distance
Entran II Outdoor Snowmelt Installation with Cover
Entran II Outdoor Snowmelt Installation - Cover Removed
Entran II Outdoor Snowmelt Installation - Close-up
Miscellaneous examples of Entran II Hose:
Miscellaneous Entran Connection -2
Miscellaneous Entran Connection -1

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